Johns Hopkins Health Review: contributing editor for this high-end consumer health magazine.

Insight: regular contributor to this publication on how Johns Hoppkins Medicine is tapping innovative solutions and technology.

Canada’s Walrus Magazine: Master of the Guillotine

Johns Hopkins University Magazine

Johns Hopkins University Magazine

Baltimore Riots: A Broken Dream

University of Manitoba alumni publication On Manitoba:

Winter 2015 Page 20     Fall 2014 Pages 23, 28     Spring 2014 Pages 29, 33   Fall 2013 Pages 18, 26

Winter 2013 Pages 20, 25     Spring 2013  Pages 21, 25, 27   Winter 2012  Pages 13, 26, 28

Fall 2012  Pages 10 and 19    April 2012 Page 11 [CNNMoney] Rising gas prices help my business [CNNMoney] Veteran-owned businesses get deals. Finally! [CNNMoney] Kathy Ireland’s latest business: wedding dresses 

Motorcycle Maps with Moxie CycleWorld

Ghost Hospitals Urbanite

For Some in the Military, Danger is Seen Off Duty
The New York Times

Annals of Creative Tippling: One Eyed Mike’s

In a powerless, frozen city of no food, the blind hear the bombs and know there is no escape
The Independent

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