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Healthcare Writing
That Heals

Tailoring stories about complex healthcare news and discoveries for hospitals, physicians, patients, and consumers.


Editing, Copy Editing & Fact Checking

Editorial Concept Development

Yes, it’s deceptive.

Writing well is more difficult than many of us realize.

Healthcare attracts some of the most educated, passionate, and busy professionals you’ll meet. They come up with brilliant ideas that serve the critical needs of our bodies and minds. But they often lack the ability to share their scientific discoveries and knowledge in an engaging way – and especially in a language the rest of us can understand.

That’s where I come in.

I’m an award-winning trained journalist who provides tailored writing for leading healthcare institutions. I write about breakthroughs in health sciences and technology and developments in patient care. I’m well-versed in working with demanding scientists and physicians, and I know how to meet deadlines.

I also understand the critical roles that trust, accuracy, privacy, and medical laws and regulations play when crafting this unique content.



Patient experience articles, press releases for scientific journal studies, web pages, e-marketing campaigns, physician newsletters, and more.

Editing, Copy Editing & Fact Checking

Editing to improve clarity and flow, to perfect spelling and grammar, hone ideas and address potential issues.

Editorial Concept Development

Editorial concept development for articles, newsletters, department web pages, and email campaigns.


“As promised, a proper listen. Good opening, Good presentation and script. Liked the way the story develops–the narrative arc is great... Sheds light on a great subject; sensitively dealt with... Well done and thank you very much, a huge success.”

Jeremy Skeet; Commissioning Editor, Global News, BBC World Service

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your doc on the election ad VO artists. We do a lot of very serious–heavy, sad–stories on The Current, and this was such a welcome departure... a really fun romp, but still incredibly informative. And a really inventive way of ‘covering’ the US election.”

Jennifer Moroz; Acting Executive Producer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s The Current

“Sarah Richards is one of our clutch reporters, someone who we can rely on to get either a breaking news story or take a complex one and translate it into simple terms for our audience. She is a first-rate journalist and an excellent writer, extremely talented in the use of sound. She not only makes sure her audience gets the story, she makes sure they get it right. She has been an asset to our staff since the day she rode in on her motorcycle.”

Sunni Khalid; Managing Editor, WYPR, Baltimore’s National Public Radio station

“Sarah treats an assignment for our alumni magazine with the same attention to detail and focus on storytelling as she would were it destined for the newsstand. As a result, she delivers copy that will inform and engage anyone who reads our publication”

Jeremy Brooks; Editor, University of Manitoba alumni publication On Manitoba

Worked with

British Broadcasting Corporation
National Public Radio
New York Times
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation